smart& flexible design

From the very first sketches of a project, Vestack softwares ensure that floorplans are compatible with off-site manufacturing. Vestack Corbu (web app) and Vestack Ludwig (REVIT) configurators use advanced algorithms and AI to design a digital twin ready for industrialized assembly, while offering unrivaled flexibility in terms of dimensions and materials.

Vestack has developed a digital backbone to manage modular construction projects through the MyVestack web portal and internal databases.

Our design for manufacturing (DFMA) process enables us to generate production instructions for operators and robots.

Building beautiful projects with our partner architects

Vestack has developed a collaborative approach with leading architects. Vestack provides them with a practical toolkit for low-carbon modular construction. This includes BIM objects, a Revit plug-in, a modular design guide, technical support, factory visits, showcase for signature buildings and AI-based simulators.

Vestack is working with visionary architects to build tomorrow’s cities, based on values of sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics.

Selection of architects with whom Vestack collaborates on projects and research



The industrial process and the robotization of specific assembly tasks guarantee a millimetric level of quality.

The production instructions derived from the digital twin used directly by the operators and CNC machines of the Vestack City Factories.

The continuous optimisation of the project, from its initial design to its manufacturing improves cost control, speeds up construction schedules and minimizes the waste of materials.

Offsite construction is a major step forward for the construction industry, enabling the hiring and training of lower-skilled workers, increasing the number of women in the workforce and improving working conditions.


on-site construction

Vestack relies on a network of partner contractors to carry out on-site works and deliver turnkey projects.

Vestack ships modules to the construction site which can be up to 90% finished.
Parallelising the ground works and the assembly of the modules in the factory can reduce project times by 30-50%.

Off-site manufacturing reduces construction site nuisance for neighbors and improves the acceptability of construction projects for all stakeholders.

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