Innovation is at the heart of our DNA. Our ambitious project is based on digital building design and off-site construction.

We fight for our planet, combining bio-sourced materials and sustainable design processes based on proven circular economy methodologies.

We are deeply humanists. We believe that a healthy living and working environment is one of mankind's most fundamental needs

We believe in freedom: freedom of architectural form, of façade materials, of levels of finishes.

We reconcile quality and elegance. We believe that the technical and esthetical durability of buildings are essential to the progress of our societies, their cultures and their economies.

A new world is taking shape and being built.

Our mission is to transform the design and construction of buildings, and to work alongside you to embody a new model of sustainable urban development.

37 rue Bergère,
75009 Paris

Saint-Germain-Laval assembly site:
1 rue des Argiles Vertes,
77130 Saint-Germain-Laval

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