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better cities

Vestack designs and manufactures
low-carbon buildings, pre-assembled off-site and made of bio-sourced materials.

3x better carbon footprint

2x faster

O additional cost compared to traditional construction

Our business

Vestack acts as a general contractor or construction company to carry out projects for real estate developers. Our modular construction system allows us to address different types of uses, from residential to public buildings, to suit diverse price ranges and to adapt to numerous architectural shapes and land plot constraints.

Multifamily residential
Housing estates
Student accommodation
Nursing homes
Kindergardens & education

Our solution

  • Digital co-conception
    Vestack uses a proprietary software plug-in based on Revit, to simplify, accelerate and increase the reliability of the design process. The resulting digital twin of the building is used for structural and thermal analysis, building permits and production instructions.

  • Off-site construction
    The buildings components are pre-assembled offsite in Vestack’s 4.0 assembly facility using proprietary robotics technology, ensuring unparalleled quality and cost control.
  • Delivery & Assembly

    The modules are delivered on-site,  assembled together and their finishing elements are completed on the construction site to deliver the building in half the time of a traditional construction project, while greatly reducing the nuisance for the neighbouring communities.