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Our concept

The construction sector
must reinvent itself

  • 1/4 of global greenhouse gas emissions and 75% of waste are linked to the construction and real estate sector
  • 20% of the French population is affected by the housing crisis
  • less than 1% productivity gains per year in the construction industry

With more than 25% of greenhouse gas emissions, the construction and real estate industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Vestack therefore targets to make construction significantly more respectful of the environment by adopting a logic of carbon neutrality and circular economy. 

At the same time, construction is one of the most backwards industries on earth. Productivity gains are lower than 1% p.a. over the last decades. In order to accelerate the use of better building materials and processes, it is necessary to change the way we build. A fundamental switch in design and construction processes is necessary to limit construction costs and allow to build environmentally friendly and affordable buildings. This will provide an ambitious answer to the housing and environmental crisis.

  • Innovation is at the heart of our DNA. Our ambitious project is based on a digital building design system and off-site construction.
  • We defend our environment, combining biosourced materials and design techniques based on proven circular economy methods.
  • We are deeply humanistic. We believe that a healthy living and working environment is one of the most fundamental human needs.
  • We believe in freedom: freedom of architectural form, of façade materials, of levels of finish.
  • We reconcile efficiency  and beauty. We believe that the qualitative and elegant buildings are necessary for the proper development of communities,  arts and economies.


Our mission is to improve the design and construction of buildings, in order to embody a new model of sustainable cities for the benefit of the common good.


We enable developers to reconcile sustainability and profitability

Vestack designs and builds timber frame buildings, assembled off-site in an industrial plant. Incorporating our proprietary hardware and software, our holistic end-to-end solution allows us to assist developers from design to delivery. We design and manufacture buildings with 3x better carbon footprint, 2x faster, and at no additional cost compared to traditional construction.

Our ambitious project relies on two innovations: a digital design system and the industrialized pre-assembly of the buildings. We provide a digital work environment (BIM software), allowing our partner architects to focus on tasks with higher added value. Modular construction, based on a unique construction system , allows us to increase our productivity. Our pre-assembled modules are 90% finished before delivery.