Vestack intervient habituellement dès l’étude de faisabilité ou l’avant projet.

A simple shape to blend in with nature, quality bio-sourced materials to create low-carbon homes that respect the environment.

Discover these lodges perfectly suited to your hotel estates, holiday villages and leisure hotels.

The exterior of the Ikigai lodge has been designed to be hard-wearing, functional and adaptable to all kinds of environments.

How do we do it? By using modern, high-quality materials: burnt wood cladding and a mirror-effect metal facade that give your living space a uniquely contemporary look, combining the grace of brutality with the elegance of nature.

These lodges come in two sizes (23 m2 and 43 m2) to suit your needs. What’s more, certain features are optional, allowing you to stay within your budget and create lodges that are as close as possible to your desires.

Ikigai’s interior design captures a contemporary, natural style in each of the homes, which themselves blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings.

The warmly coloured interiors are soft and intimate. They are complemented by zonal lighting that creates the ideal environment for being close to nature while enjoying perfect comfort.