Vestack intervient habituellement dès l’étude de faisabilité ou l’avant projet.

The Loggia House* offers the most compact and energy-efficient volume thanks to its split-level layout.

This makes it suitable for all types of terrain. All the main rooms benefit from southern exposure to the sun, providing significant heat gains in winter. In contrast, the secondary rooms are positioned to the north.

This layout results in significant energy savings. Positioned on the first floor, the bedrooms are set back from the living areas to enjoy greater privacy.

There are many elements to choose from, allowing you to personalise the Loggia House*, including the choice of roof, exterior façade, interior paintwork and flooring.

Options are also available for added comfort (garage, pergola, photovoltaic panels, etc.)

The Loggia House* is built in our factories using digital twin-imaging (BIM) and low-carbon modular construction technologies. The high-quality materials used in the construction of our buildings guarantee a healthy living environment for their occupants.