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Vestack designs and manufactures low-carbon buildings, pre-assembled off-site and made of bio-sourced materials.

Vestack works on projects as a general contractor or as a construction company. We offer solutions that allow our clients, professional real estate developers, to build projects with a 3x better carbon footprint, 2x faster, and at 0 additional cost compared to traditional construction.

We gather around us many partners, architects, suppliers, public authorities, and building owners, who are committed to a new model of sustainable urbanism.

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Vestack works with a network of partner architects. We provide them with a REVIT plug-in that allows them to simplify and accelerate project design.


Vestack uses a digital design solution, based on Revit, to simplify, accelerate and increase the reliability of the design process. The resulting digital twin of the building is used for structural and thermal analysis, building permits and production instructions.


Our construction system is the perfect balance between architectural flexibility and construction efficiency.


Our modules can take a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can be stacked up to 5 storeys high and can have different types of roofs, façades and finishes.


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